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Sun, 13 Aug 17

Request from Kinder MRT for dogs to assist with search for party of walkers one of whom was reported as injured. The party had started from Edale, walked up Jacob’s Ladder but became lost after straying from the path on the plateau. As dogs were in the process of being deployed the party were located by a police helicopter. The police helicopter was unable to land due to poor terrain but was able to guide a Kinder MRT section to the lost walkers location from where a Coastguard S92 helicopter ultimately evacuated the casualty and companions to hospital.

Sat, 12 Aug 17

Reports of cries for help by several different reporters in very steep ,heavily vegetated woodland. Police tasked Calder Valley to clear woods.
Nothing found ,suspect hoax by local children.

Fri, 11 Aug 17

Edale MRT had been contacted by Derbyshire Constabulary to assist with the search for a vulnerable missing person in the Castleton area.
All high risk areas were searched and with nothing found the teams and dogs were stood down.

Fri, 11 Aug 17

Called out by Glossop MRT to assist with search for three lost walkers believed to be somewhere on the western side of Bleaklow moor. As arrived at Glossop HQ additional information came through placing walkers close to the Doctors Gate track where they were susequently spotted and met by a Glossop foot section coming down from Dowstone Clough.

Sun, 06 Aug 17

Farther and 11 yr old sone lost on kinder. Located by a Glosspo hill party after getting a discrimination of their location over mobile phone.

Mon, 24 Jul 17

DoE Gold Expedition (Mountain Bike) reported overdue by supervisor.
Two of the group walked of hill and to raise alarm the remaining two stayed in tent on fell, All members ok. Location of remaining group known
Called of on route to incident.
Enough MR personel at scene to escort two members of the hill

Tue, 18 Jul 17

Search for 65yr old female missing from home. Area searched dense wooded Dene.
Nothing found on the day team stood down.