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Countryfile Winter Diaries

Back in January, some of our handlers from the Peak District, took part in some filming for Countryfile Winter Diaries.

Mon, 20 Feb 17

59yr old male missing from home since early hours of morning. Suffers Fri. Depression believed to be a risk to himself.

Sun, 19 Feb 17 Dog Find

Abbie and and her handler were called out at 2.30am in the morning and deployed by Glossop MRT to search for two missing walkers on the path above Alport Castles and along the valley as far as Grains.

Thu, 16 Feb 17

Search for a 44 year old missing male, CSRT were called to search areas of open ground and woodland. As three foot teams and a search dog team were about to deploy, further intelligence indicated the missing male had been sighted in Portreath. Once field areas were searched by the NPAS helicopter and woodland areas by a police dog team, Blitz was deployed to further clear the woodland between Illogan and Portreath. With only 10minutes left of searching the area to complete the missing male returned home.

Sun, 19 Feb 17 Dog Find

2 people reported lost on top of the plateau..
We searched the southern edge path and then north into the plateau. Casualties were found minus one boot by Dolly in the Crowden head area. The casualties were walked of to the waiting vehicles.

Sat, 04 Feb 17

Search continuation from previous days
6 search dogs deployed to search woodland and moorland
Missing person was found in a river outside search dog areas by a foot party. Sadly the person was deceased.

Wed, 01 Feb 17

Searched from midnight till 0600. Search called off. Then out again from 1400 hrs. Police decided to call off search at 1730hrs while other handlers on route

Wed, 01 Feb 17

Continuation of previous search

Tasked to search wooded area nothing found

Teams stood down by police before 4 more search dogs arrived more mountain rescue teams were stood down by police before deployment

Wed, 01 Feb 17

Tasked to search dence woodland nothing found

Re tasked to search another wooded area and river bank nothing found