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Fri, 14 Apr 17

1 Male Misper. Police units started search at 0300.

Flo and I searched two heavy wooded areas totally 5 hours on the ground.

Individual was reported safe but outside the search area.

Sun, 09 Apr 17

Call to assist walker with lower leg injury. On arrival couple not at grid provided and no comms. Search commenced for couple found by foot team 700m from Original grid.

Sun, 02 Apr 17

A lady had sliped resulting in a lower limb injury. Having located the walker the team stretchered her off to the nearest road head.

Sun, 02 Apr 17

Walker reported to have a possible broken lower limb. Dogs stood down just as deploying as air ambulance on scene.

Sun, 02 Apr 17

11 year old boy missing from outdoor centre. Teams called 18:30 tasked to search woodland around centre. Found by police 2km away from point last seen in Hexham

Tue, 21 Mar 17

51 year old high risk male missing since 7th March.

Searched steep sided woodland and river Plym through Plymbridge Woods.

Wed, 08 Mar 17

Missing despondent 46 year old male. Believed high risk and suicidal. Dog team carried out searches of moorland, disused quarries and technical coastal cliff areas.

Countryfile Winter Diaries

Back in January, some of our handlers from the Peak District, took part in some filming for Countryfile Winter Diaries.