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Olly is a 4½ year old Border Collie. He and his handler Ian are both members of Swaledale Mountain  Rescue Team, based up in the Yorkshire Dales. Olly didn’t start training till he was...


Dolly is a 7 year old German Shepard. Her handler, Nick, is a member of Kinder Mountain Rescue Team. Dolly has been an active search dog for 5 years, and has made 4 finds. She passed...

24th April 2016 Dog Find

Lady reported with lower leg injury on the southern edge of Kinder Scout. Dog team find and casualty stretched off to waiting ambulance.

13th Feb 2016

Required to search for 5 missing scouts on a walk on the north York Moors from Clay Bank. Failed to turn up at RV. As searches of the area were about to commence the 5 missing people turned up safe and well. Dogs and teams stood down

11th Feb 2016

Called by South Yorks police at 1630 to search for a missing vulnerable male in the Maltby area near Rotherham. Searches were conducted of the local area and no trace of the missing person was found. The search was stood down at midnight when all viable search areas had been completed.
The male was found by police on the following morning safe and well, outside of the initial search areas

3rd Feb 2016

Assisting Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team in search for missing 31 year old. Turned up safe later that day.


Male reported MFH vehicle found in Saltburn. Tasked by the police to search wooded valley’s and becks with some open ground. Search stood down at 00.30 am till next day.

As searches commencing the following day, a body beleaved to be the misper was found dead at the base of the cliffs about 2 km from the place last seen. Recovered by the RNLI


Missing vulnerable male 78yrs not returned home after going for a walk. Turned up at a police station in Manchester.