Category: SARDA Callouts

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Tue, 16 Jan 18

While en route to search area (Little Narrowcove) Bill Batson + Wasdale MRT navigator heard
shouts for help from boggy ground in Scar Lathing area. Search dogs Glen and Angus deployed towards sound source when handler and navigator spotted misper lying in boggy ground.

Dogs indicated at cas site as handler approached. Cas care given and SAR helicopter requested.

Cas had become lost on Scafell 2 days before and had fallen while trying to find a way off. He had been out for 2 days and 2 nights when located.

Sun, 22 Oct 17

Called by Woodhead MRT to clear section of nature reserve consisting of woodland, rough pasture and extensive reed beds around small lakes in search for 67 year old missing person.

Tue, 17 Oct 17

Continuation of search fro missing Male dispondent
Team members allocated Whittingham woods to search. I was allocated open fields and hedges close to the missing persons house.

Mon, 16 Oct 17

Missing male from home. Last seen by his family 10.00hrs on Sunday. 
Deployed to Search southern half of Whittingham Wood. Police dogs were to search southern end.
Pulled out of area at approx 19.00hrs due to failing light less than half the area searched. Search to continue on Tuesday

Sat, 07 Oct 17

Walker called police he was walking the Pennine way from Edale. But now lost.
RVP Glossop Base . About to deploy to search Ashop Clough when Glossop team reported light at the top of Torside Clough Bleaklow . which turned up to be the lost walker. Dogs stood down

Tue, 26 Sept 17

Missing high risk female. Searched 2 areas. Nothing found. Team stood down pending further information.

Sun, 10 Sep 17

A 12 year girl was reported missing from home by her parents following an argument. Search strategy/plan focused on routes and small areas near to the family home. Girl located by MRT search group at 09.22hrs, safe and well.