Category: SARDA Callouts


Missing male on moor. Not returned to car. Search was started at 13.00 after police called team. Dog team was tasked but were stood down en route to call out as CAS was located safe and well. Foot teams were deployed.


SARDA dog team called as part of DSRT Tavistock team. Mispers reported lost in low cloud / mist / heavy rain at Rough Tor – dog team tasked to search area north towards holming beam. Dog team driving on route to search area located the mispers and the dog on Tavistock to Two Bridges road. All mispers and dog wet and cold but unharmed.



Missing vulnerable dementia sufferer reported seen in park.

Arrived, to be held waiting pending information regarding another sighting.
Stood down. Missing person located outside of area.


A young female was reported to police wandering around Marsden Old Quarry Nature Reserve in a distressed state, dressed only in light clothing. The rough area around the reserve, and an adjacent golf course were searched.

Nothing found.