Category: SARDA Callouts

Mon, 12 Jun 17

A car belonging to a missing potential despondent was located at Minions car park. The area was moorland with mines and quarries. The team covered a large area of the moor. The missing person made themselves known to authorities, rescuers were soon on the scene and after assessing the medical situation assisted them to an ambulance at the car park.

Wed, 24 May 17

A walker on the 3 peaks walk reported seeing and hearing a person in distress while ascending Ingleborough. The person was allegedly on the limestone pavement near Braithwaite Wife Hole. Search dogs Glen and Angus plus Andy Colau and Belle were deployed to search the area where it was thought the person in distress had been sighted. Nothing was found and in the absence of any other information, the search was called off.

Thu, 18 May 17

Dog teams tasked to search small wooded areas and open fields
Two search dog teams had completed areas and were being re tasked when a search party located the missing person safe and well out of search dog areas

Sun, 30 Apr 17

Dog team tasked to search wooded area and open moor
Second area tasked to search stream bed with thick woodland
As we were deploying into the area to search the stream with the dog as team members were unable to search this as it was too thick we found the missing person this was not a dog find but a dog team and navigator found the missing person safe and well

Sun, 23 Apr 17

Misper had been reported from 10am the previous day. Although aged 80, he was known to be a regular walker and so search effort was concentrated in the Otley area. Nothing found during first night search. Misper returned home from a 2 day ‘walking ‘expedition’ the following day, having failed to inform his family of his plans.

Fri, 14 Apr 17

1 Male Misper. Police units started search at 0300.

Flo and I searched two heavy wooded areas totally 5 hours on the ground.

Individual was reported safe but outside the search area.

Sun, 09 Apr 17

Call to assist walker with lower leg injury. On arrival couple not at grid provided and no comms. Search commenced for couple found by foot team 700m from Original grid.

Sun, 02 Apr 17

A lady had sliped resulting in a lower limb injury. Having located the walker the team stretchered her off to the nearest road head.