Category: Meet The Dogs

There are currently 34 dogs in SARDA, find out about some of them here


Poppy is an 8 year old Tri Coloured Collie. She lives with her handler James and family in North Devon. Poppy has worked closely with HM Coastguard being a coastal region but is a Member of Exmoor Mountain Rescue Team.


Search Dog Megan (Meg for short) was born in December 2004. She achieved initial search dog qualification in June 2007 and full search dog in January 2009. Megan has been a very active search...


Olly is a 4½ year old Border Collie. He and his handler Ian are both members of Swaledale Mountain  Rescue Team, based up in the Yorkshire Dales. Olly didn’t start training till he was...


Dolly is a 7 year old German Shepard. Her handler, Nick, is a member of Kinder Mountain Rescue Team. Dolly has been an active search dog for 5 years, and has made 4 finds. She passed...