January National Assessment Course

The weekend of the 13th to 15th January saw the annual assessment course, held at Barrow House in the Lake District.

This course is usually very well attended, and also hosts the SARDA England AGM where the new committee is voted in by the membership.

This year, saw a number of handlers put through their paces:

Ian Bunting with Bolt, Ken Kingston with Saoirse, Andy Colau with Kez, Simon Adams with Tinker,
and Karen Fisher with Gus (Not in photo) all passed their registration tests.
Paul Batram and Flow passed their Initial grade assessment.
Mark Harrison and Abbie passed their Initial grade assessment.
Abby is the first Hovawart in SARDA England!
Bill Batson and Angus passed their Full grade assessment.
Angus is Bill’s 4th dog.
John Coombs and Shola passed their Full grade assessment.
Shola is John’s 5th dog.
Ian Speirs  and Olly passed their Full grade assessment.
Olly is Ian’s first dog.

Ken Sloan, and Alan Hill were given Long service awards for their commitment to SARDA England

SARDA England’s outgoing Chairman Ian Thompson was awarded for his Distinguished service during his time as Chairman

Finally, our President Neville Sharp was awarded for his Outstanding 41 years Service to SARDA England

Congratulations to everybody!