Mon, 19 Dec 2016 Dog Find

Dog Region
Blitz South West
Teams Involved
Number Of Other Handlers Involved
Other Dogs Involved



Incident Information


Date Incident Location
Mon, 19 Dec 16 Falmouth
Terrain Time on Callout (Door to Door)
Woodland 6.5 Hours
Number of Missing Persons
Short report
Small-scale search for a 51-year-old female, missing in the Swanpool area of Falmouth since the previous night.


Just before 2am search dog Blitz indicated on an area of deep undergrowth, where the missing female was found in a critical condition. Due to the effects of two cold nights and some significant injuries, she required immediate medical assistance.


Further team members were deployed to help stabilise her before paramedics arrived and she could be evacuated to a waiting ambulance.