Sun, 06 Aug 17

Farther and 11 yr old sone lost on kinder. Located by a Glosspo hill party after getting a discrimination of their location over mobile phone.

Mon, 24 Jul 17

DoE Gold Expedition (Mountain Bike) reported overdue by supervisor.
Two of the group walked of hill and to raise alarm the remaining two stayed in tent on fell, All members ok. Location of remaining group known
Called of on route to incident.
Enough MR personel at scene to escort two members of the hill

Tue, 18 Jul 17

Search for 65yr old female missing from home. Area searched dense wooded Dene.
Nothing found on the day team stood down.

Fri, 30 Jun 17

High risk vulnerable 14 yr old male. Missing since 5 o'clock Dogs stood down on route as misper found by police out of area

Mon, 26 Jun 17

Depressed Male. Car found near Grindleford station
Callout 01:00
Misper made himself known to police, and the callout was stood down at 03:30

Mon, 12 Jun 17

A car belonging to a missing potential despondent was located at Minions car park. The area was moorland with mines and quarries. The team covered a large area of the moor. The missing person made themselves known to authorities, rescuers were soon on the scene and after assessing the medical situation assisted them to an ambulance at the car park.


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