Wed, 01 Feb 17

Searched from midnight till 0600. Search called off. Then out again from 1400 hrs. Police decided to call off search at 1730hrs while other handlers on route

Wed, 01 Feb 17

Continuation of previous search

Tasked to search wooded area nothing found

Teams stood down by police before 4 more search dogs arrived more mountain rescue teams were stood down by police before deployment

Wed, 01 Feb 17

Tasked to search dence woodland nothing found

Re tasked to search another wooded area and river bank nothing found

Mon, 30 Jan 17

After initial contact from Devon & Cornwall Police SARDA dogs in the Southwest where requested to assist with the search for a missing male, we where stood down on route to the callout as the missing man was located.

Thu, 26 Jan 17

Short report
The Police contacted edale mrt closing down the incident previously that evening to search woodland near a missing vulnerable males home address. The environment this evening was typical January winter with freezing conditions low down and extreme wind chill. The police requested the team search woodland and myself and flo searched one particular wood for 3 hours covering over 10km with no find. The search was stood down by the police around 01:30 27.01.17. The male was subsequently found outside of the area deceased.

Fri, 27 Jan 17

2 walkers disoriented on moor when darkness came. Located using sarloc so fooot team able to walk directly to them.

Thu, 26 Jan 17

1 x female walker parked at fair Holmes lost whilst out for a walk, called her partner before her phone battery died to advise she was in the clag lost. No further comms was achieved past this time. I arrived at the RV as the first dog and set out onto the hill. Flo and I hasty searched the track Heading up to Margery hill. As we were just below the spot hight, one Edale foot section saw a light in a different clough and this was confirmed later to be the misper. She was warmed and walked off by ground troops.