Thu, 26 Jan 17

1 x female walker parked at fair Holmes lost whilst out for a walk, called her partner before her phone battery died to advise she was in the clag lost. No further comms was achieved past this time. I arrived at the RV as the first dog and set out onto the hill. Flo and I hasty searched the track Heading up to Margery hill. As we were just below the spot hight, one Edale foot section saw a light in a different clough and this was confirmed later to be the misper. She was warmed and walked off by ground troops.

Sat, 21 Jan 17

1 x fell runner lost on Kinder, sarloc ping near top of Jacobs Ladder. FLO and I were dispatched by Buxton control to head up and either find or confirm misper was in sarloc location. After driving up Jacobs Ladder 100m noticed lights coming down Jacobs. 2 fell runners had found our misper and walked her down to us.

January National Assessment Course

The weekend of the 13th to 15th January saw the annual assessment course, held at Barrow House in the Lake District. This course is usually very well attended, and also hosts the SARDA England...

Sun, 08 Jan 17

Male missing went for a walk from Tan hill pub at approx. 2am Sunday morning phone for assistance as he was lost but against a visibility
allocated linear search along fence travelling north stood down after about 1hr. Missing person found by team members south from pub uninjured but cold.

8th Jan 2017

2 Males were camped by Tan Hill pub. They got up and wandered off during the night.
Called police to say they were lost in fog.
Found by Kirby Stephen MRT foot team safe and well.

6th Jan 2017 Dog Find

2 female walkers had become lost on kinder, one of the girls had become stuck in the peat and lost her boot.

4th Jan 2017

Dispondent male, car found by woods Tom Smith Corner.
Nothing found.
Male walked out following morning had drunk bottle of rum and fallen asleep outside of search area