Everyone loves puppies, and here at SARDA England we are no exception!

This weekend sees two regional training courses running, one down in Bodmin, and one up in Carlton in Cleveland, with handlers and trainees from all over England attending to train their dogs.

For 3 of our existing graded handlers, they’ll be bringing their new puppies, to Carlton In Cleveland, to meet Jacquie Hall, the puppy training co-ordinator for SARDA England and begin their training.

Nick, with Lady, a German Shepherd, Tony with Chief, a Border Collie, and Tim with Murphy a Fox Red Labrador. Jacquie says “There is so much benefit in starting to train our puppies at a very young age, before any bad habits start to develop.”




Another, of our new trainees, Nick will be bringing his new puppy, Lottie, a Golden Retriever, along to training in Cornwall too.


It’s lovely to see all the new puppies, and it’s great to see other breeds in addition to¬†Collies, which make up the bulk of our graded dogs, starting their training too.

Good luck to everyone!